"I love the Beatles! you know, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and...hum, you know...the other one."

I have heard so many times this sentence! So it's time to clarify things about the talented Beatles' drummer. Ringo joined the group in 1962, before that he was the drummer of another Liverpool band called Rory Strorm and the Hurricarns. First he was just replaced Pete Best when he couldn't play. But George knew that if they kept Pete in the band and let Ringo pass, they will regret it. Indeed, Ringo brought the last touch that made the REAL Beatles sound. Even if his technique was not perfect, his drum set was very personal and unique. And don't forget that Ringo has sing in some of the Beatles songs ("I wanna be your man", "Yellow Submarine", "Don't pass me by", "With a little help from my friends"...).
Ringo was the "kind Beatle", everybody told that he was very funny and adorable. Now he is an amazing singer (he started his solo career after the Beatles' end, in the 70's), known in the entire world. But unfortunatly, a lot of people don't even know his name (usually people who were living in the 60's/70's know him). He sould be known by everyone, first for his important role in the Beatles work, but also for his brillant career as a solo singer.

I invite everyone of you to listen to Ringo's music, and, of course (if it's not done) to the Beatles' music too.