is this how it supposed to feel? to love someone and to hurt every time you open your eyes. for them to be the first thing on your mind when you take your first sip of morning light, but you know you aren't on their mind at all. is this how it is supposed to feel?
i hear people talk about love but i never thought this was it. i used to watch disney channel and watch how they fell in love and i read and read stories about how it was to be in love. but watching movies and reading books is something completely different than feeling it. it hurts like hell.and disney and nick and whatever stupid kid movies or shows we let control us, they were wrong. we were stupid to believe that love was easy as it was in high school music. you don't sing duets and fall in love.
its more than that. you fall in love with some one and they are every single deep breath you take. and every night you pray to god that you won't lose them. but when you do, it feels like you can't breathe and you won't ever breathe ever again. you can't climb someone's balcony and sing a song and hope you get them to swoon over you again.
you can only try to love them and hope that they will learn to love you this how it's supposed to feel then i don't want to fall. there is too much of a risk or breaking.