So, there's this one boy, I might or might not like...

I mean, you know, like...

You know the kind of boys
Who make you smile;
Who make you fall
Down from a chair?
Those who don't
Even need to try-
Just one single look,
It ain't fair.

Those who offer you
A helpful hand,
They don't know
What they do to my heart.

Those who childishly
Run barefoot in sand,
I think of them at night
For the most part.

Boys who have been
Raised well,
Those who know
What they want in their lifes.
If he likes someone,
You can tell;
You see the warm spark
In his eyes.

Bad boys
Ain't so bad,
I wouldn't mind
Having one as mine
But if I found a gentleman,
A real gentle lad,
It would be
So much more than fine. <3