How many times you do something just because you think that's a good idea? How many times you are happy with your decisions? I told you how many times: never. And now I will explain you why.
Because at the first sight you don't know what to do. You spend hours thinking what to do. And when you find the most conveniently option, you apply it. And now you are happy because you think that you did the best option that you can did. But then appear the regrets. But why now? Because the people around you start talking with you about what you did. A part of them tell you that you did your best. But there's an other part that tells you that you don't know what you did. And this moment your brain starts to think about what you did bad and what the people spoke to you. You start to regret all of your decisions and blame yourself without knowing until the end if what you did is wrong.
Maybe the option you chosed was the best, but you still think just in the bad comments of the people without remembering the good ones.
And that's why most of the people can't think about themselves and start asking options to other people who don't know nothing about that subject and don't know how that decissions will affect you.
And now we are affraid of every problem...
P.S. Sorry for bad English.