i found out that i have social anxiety recently i didn't know the social anxiety was a thing i thought i was too shy
literally i can not talk to people i don't know how to talk to people if you don't start a conversation i won't. once i was at a party full of people i begin crossing my finger pinch my body my heart beat began beating soooo fasttt.
so when it comes if i wanna go out , a war begin i should choose my outfit before 3 days and i have to look perfect because if i don't people will stare at me judge me and kill me with their eyes.
meanwhile my sister is very outgoing with people she talks to her friends everydayy and when it comes to me i speak to my friends once in a month
i can not make phone calls cause i will be terrified i should my practice my talk
high school big places full of fake bitches my high school is just for girls
all i see girls with make up and perf body and i'm not saying this a bad thing its good for them but this place will improve my social anexiaty