☆ hello everyone ☆

Welcome to my article! First of all I want to say I live in the Netherlands, so my English is'nt very good, haha. But I want to write an article, because I like to read other articles. This article is about my favourites, like music, we heart it accounts and cities. Enjoy it!

❥ music
I listen to a lot of music! My all time favourite is Ed Sheehan, but at the moment I like these songs the most. So here are my favourites ✨
2.your song
3.more than you know
4.bibia be ye ye

❥ we heart it accounts
My favourite we heart it accounts are 3 accounts. I think they very good and original. I like these accounts a lot!

My favourite pictures are the pictures from cities! I like traveling a lot. And of course I have a lot of big cities on my favourites list, but I also like the small towns. They're very cute and the most have nice, kind and wonderful people living in there. So here are my favourite cities💞
These cities I liked the most, of course there are so much more beautiful cities, but I love this cities the most!

I hope you enjoyed reading this article and
I want to thank you all for following me!

Lots of love,