3rd article and I'm beginning to love this.

This article is inspired and includes tips from Huffingtonposts "23 warning signs of a toxic friend" but simplified and includes ways to cut them out. I've experienced all the ones I write so it's from first hand experience. I'll just do 5 of the ones I pick and I suggest you guys read the Huffingtonpost article below:


Envy / Convetous

Whenever you get something they may have wanted they show anger and envy instead of happiness for you. Friends should want to see you grow in life and help you in that journey. What you accomplish and how you get there is brings you joy and happiness and shouldn't feel like something you should be blamed for.

They doubt you

Even in times when you try to be a loving, caring friend and give them tips you know will help them in a certain situation, they doubt you and will take an answer from anyone BUT you. Or maybe they refuse help from anybody (but then again that's why they become envious. Never be afraid to ask for help. Questions will take you farther in life)


I've learned to be careful who I tell things to but nobody should ever be scared to tell your friend something. That's what friends are for. Good times and bad times when you just need someone to talk to. If you think/know this person will end up telling their best friend and their best friend will tell someone else, that's how information that you don't want getting around begins to spread. Don't give unworthy people the privilege of knowing about your dark times or even your happiest times. Be proud in peace but if someone must be on that journey with you, make sure it is someone you really trust and someone who really cares about you.

Don't care what you have to say

This may be obvious but at the same time, maybe not. If they cut you off when you are talking to people or act as if you aren't there, that is definitely a sign. Or maybe if they tell you this whole long story that you listen to (because you're a good friend!!) but then when you tell a story they couldn't care less. Just occasionally nodding there head while doing something else and not paying attention. Not fair and not nice.


You can never ask them to do any favor for you because they may be the type of person to say "maybe I'll do it maybe I won't". They aren't forgetful, they just choose not to do something despite you having done plenty of things for them. Also ties in with them being selfish and taking advantage of your kindness.

How about cutting them off?

Don't be afraid to let them go. No matter how long you guys have been friends. You're growing, learning, and can pick when to start a fresh slate whenever you choose. If you want to work on loving yourself for example, people who don't value you and your love don't deserve to be apart of that self love journey. Let them go. You can tell them straight up this isn't the best relationship and move on. No texting, no talking, no nothing. Or - you can do what I do - you can confront the person with the issues you face in the friendship, tell them it needs to end, and continue talking but cut off that specific tie that bound them to you. Basically make them an acquaintance but not a friend nor an enemy.

I'm not an expert but if you guys need help with things like friendships or anything else I make an article on, you can always message me x