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Unlike the usual autumnal dark and muted tones that we see every year, this time it's all about the bright bright red. Whether you want to go full on red or just add some details to your wardrobe red is definitely the way to go.


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Okay funny story, when I was younger I swore I'd never wear denim on denim, lol I know, but now that I'm 17 it's actually my favourite trend for the upcoming autumn. But seriously denim is such a basic thing but looks good on everyone and especially paired with the red I just told you about, like yes please!


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So comfy but also such a cool piece for when the weather gets too chilly for shorts. You could literally just lounge in these at home, add sneakers and an oversized T-shirt for a laid back look or rock them with heels for a night out with friends.


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Fur has been around for quite some time but it doesn't seem to be going anywhere especially since the colder weathers are coming around and I don't know about you but I definitely can't think of anything better than a faux fur coat for the Finnish winter time. And if you happen to be lucky and live somewhere warm enough where a fur coat isn't an option fur has made its way to shoes and other accessories too.