"My name is Jaymes Young, if you're looking for the perfect man, you're in the right place"

<< Well done Stew I like to be a business card. >> tell my friend, roommate, and work colleague.
<< Do not you doubt it? >>
<< Absolutely not >> I'm smiling.
<<Good. This week you have two clients, the first is Teresa, must present the boyfriend to her parents. And you'll be her boyfriend for an evening. The other is Alyssia who needs a companion for a charity night. You know those rich things >> waving a hand in the air.
<< The grain is good >> I say.
<<You can count on us >> says Stew.
<< J. WE HAVE LEARNING BETWEEN ONE HOUR! Screams Dyan from the bathroom.
<<I know, I'm coming >> I put on my jacket, and I reach her.
<<Does not the idiot come? >> she says, shaking off a red-haired haircut,
<<I'll take the notes for him, he must do the job >> I say.
Dyan is my best friend, Stew is my best co-worker and they hate it. But we all live under the same roof. The more we pay for rent, the college expenses are already enough.
What is my job?
I whisper to women what they want to hear, but none of you idiots ever say.

Hi everyone, I hope my story loves you, follow it in so many. I'm an Italian girl, but I decided to write the story in English so everyone can read it. So I'm sorry if grammar will suck.