Our lives are full of arrivals and withdrawals... Sometimes people come into our lives and sometimes people leave from them. It's a circle, few people will come to stay, lots of them will come to leave, some of them early and other later. Some of them will stay with us until the end, some other will leave with the fist difficulty... It's a recycling with other words, recycling of people's relationships.
The only thing that matters in these cases is ONE, "the feeling"! The feeling that each person makes us feel, the feeling that wakes up in a good or a bad way. We act based on our feelings, based on our intuition. Some of us are pacient and want time to complete our opinion about a person, we need to know more. There are some that don't give any time...

This article is for the patient ones! You give time (not only you), you stay in a situation, with a person, in a relationship, usually in a relationship with problems. You need something, a mark that it's worth the pain, the pasience, the reflections, the hesitations... Sometimes you finally find that mark, fortunately!
But most of the times, it doesn't end up like that. What do I mean? Bad for these situations they don't appreciate us and whatever we do. So, they don't do anything about us, they don't give us anything and I mean emotionally, they don't make any step to get closer to us.
The question is what we do about it? The answer is one and paiful. You leave, to save yourself, your dignity, your self-esteem, your broken heart, your feelings. Things are not going to change in these relationships, you will always give your "lover" will always receive! Unfair, and painful and harmful for yourself! Wake up, "save" yourself, peak up your broken heart, close his already closen door and leave, for YOURSELF! You own it tou yourself!
The conclution : {Sometimes we don't leave for things that happened, but for things that never happened at all!}