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first stop: shizouka. there are tonnes of wonderful parks and nature. among others: the mount Fuji or Fujiyama. it is impressive, gigantic, majestic. I felt so weak and tiny in contrast to the nature. that was breathtaking.


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(pic. Shibuya, city center)
exactly like the picture: lots of lots of people, everywhere are adverts lighting the streets of tokyo.


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(pic. Dotonbori, city center)
the famous Glico runner advert (i did not undertand why it is so famous, maybe i should have done some research…), again thousands of thousands of people. pleasant atmosphere.


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this town is known for its temples. it is surrounded by mountains. lovely.


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kimono, kasa, and maiko image

what attracted my attention are the kimonos, of course. japans traditional robe.
women wear it with high flip-flop-like shoes, lavish hair style and a little dainty bag. men omit the bag.
they are not daily clothes. wear it for japanese weddings or just for fun.


Matcha and pudding image
banana, matcha, and ice cream image

matcha matcha matcha. matcha ice cream, flummery, cake, oreo’s, and frappés. wonderful.

there is so much more to talk about, but that is all for today.
all in all Japan is a beautiful country, the people are so so so polite and the food is delicious.

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