My name is Alexandra, nearly like Alexander the Great, but female. I'm Russian, nearly like Fyodor Dostoyevsky, but female. I'm 19 and I don't know any celebrity with my age and different sex.

I live in one of the cities in Russia which is full of dust, wind, colorful sky and tram (if you don't know what it is - it is like subway but on the ground and much older). I don't have sea, but I have Volga river. Deep and calm, but cold most of the time and dirty because of people. Thanks, people.

I'm strange. Real weirdo. I have my own way how to put my book collection. I put it in connection with color, country and time of writing. And genre - lovely «Harry Potter» and other fiction plus comics stand alone. I collect coasters from bars, empty little bottles of red wine and sweaters. I can't imagine my morning without a cup of green tea without sugar. I play Russian rock ballads on ukulele. I fancy about the smell of rain (and now I really miss it - hate summer). I study English at the university that isn't particularly noticeable. I love sleeping with my dog and my boyfriend and love hugging them. I dance like I have ants under my clothes and on my head. I have depression and when I have bouts of it, I start to bake. I like to sleep very little or very much. I like to like beautiful pictures. My dream - traveling, writing some notes somewhere and recording podcasts. I sing strange and pretty songs. And I love Mumford & Sons and Led Zeppelin at the same time. I grow coffee in a pot. I love the wind in my hair.

Sometimes I will write here, sometimes not. It is a little bit difficult to write in English after summer holidays, but everything will fall into place. If you like this note, I will be a little happier than I am and I will write more. Maybe. I don't really deny on the social opinion of people from the Net, but c'mon - to tell the truth, all we want fame, acceptance, and understanding, even if we can't make or do anything dignified. So, my future career of the great speaker or writer depends on you.

I' m kidding - I will never be the great writer or speaker or only the Great. I' m not like near namesake - Alexander the Great. I'm Sasha, just Sasha. Like Harry, little Harry, but then he becomes a wizard. However, we are talking not about that. All told, good morning, good day and good night.

It wasn't a good idea to cite «The Truman Show» in the first note, huh?