I have to admit it, I was an EXTREMELY naughty child. And I put myself into all sorts of danger. After hearing my mother tell me stories of the ridiculous things I did, I am pretty lucky that there's nothing seriously wrong with me.

These ten events are either things that was my fault to things that wasn't. Funny situations that'll make you say, "What was going through your brain!"...
to incidents that will make you think, "It's a miracle you're still alive.."

Presenting Ten Events That Have Actually Happened In My Life

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Because these things happen

1) Hot Oil Entered My Eyes

When I was around about 2 years old, I didn't understand that when my mum closes a door in front of me...then it means I SHOULDN'T WALK IN, especially if it was the kitchen door and my mum was cooking.
But being the child I was, I didn't care about that.

Whilst I was playing with my toys in the living room, my mother was chopping vegetables and whilst she was nearly finished with chopping the vegetables, I had opened the kitchen door and was making my way towards her. She couldn't hear the door opening from the pan of oil sizzling or see me entering as I was a VERY small child.

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So as she put the aubergines into the pan of hot oil, it of course spitted and she moved back and saw me.. I didn't realize what was happening and basically hot oil had flew into my eyes, and my eyes had turned fully white...she was crying and devastated.. but we managed to go to the hospital and everything was A-OK.

After she told me this story, I finally realized that this was the reason why my mum would never allow me to use the kitchen or enter if she was cooking and I never knew why because all my friends were cooking and owning the space when they were 10 years old like me.

2) The Melting Ruler and Tissue Paper

This was out of sheer curiosity, well a lot of things were. But I saw those magicians or you know in those movies that when you burnt something it turned to dust. And for some reason, I thought that if I burnt anything, the same thing would happen. So I tested out my theory.

There was one of these lamps in the shrine we had at home, so I took a 15cm Helix ruler, pink and plastic, and thought, "Let's see what would happen if this ruler were to go into this fire.." I have to agree, it wasn't my best idea and the ruler didn't turn into ash and dust but was on fire and and was MELTING..I had to rush to the bathroom and put it under water...and everything was fine.

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I was off the hook until I decided to burn a tissue paper..thinking the ruler was obviously too heavy to turn into ash and dust, I decided to put the tissue paper through the fire and yes it was on fire and it was burning quickly..i tried blowing the fire away but it didn't work. I panicked so much that I decided just to drop it on the purple floor and soon poured a bucket of water over it.

I decided to go downstairs and play it cool. I tried everything to get rid of the mark but it wouldn't go. A few hours later, my mum sees her burnt carpet in the room and says, "Who did this?" I was nine and my brother was only two.
She thought it was my brother who umm experimented and I left it at that. My mum still doesn't know it was me who played with the fire.

3) Running Into A Wall

It was break time at school and I was casually playing in the playground. I was in the infant school and at that time, the playgrounds were separated into the junior's playground and the infant's playground..

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I actually can't remember how but I managed to end up in the junior's playground. The dinner ladies and the supervisors somehow didn't see this tiny kid, spinning and running about everywhere. I didn't know where I was going and managed to run into a game of Year 6 boy's football.

I don't know what they were thinking when I was crazily spinning and wrecking the game but as I was running and shouting"WHOOO!" I ran into a Year 6 boy and knocked him out and as I was seeing what the commotion was all about whilst running in the direction I was going...Long story short, I ran into a brick wall.

And that's why you don't let infants, especially me, into the junior playground..

4) When Fairies Become Too Real

This was at night, when everyone was sleeping. I was in my bed and my bed was next to the window. And background information, I loved fairies and I was terrified of the dark. This is important information!

So I was in my bed and I loved Tinkerbell and all of the fairies, my favourite was Silvermist, and I made up one of these stories in my head, and the plot was that some fairies had given me a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to come and visit Fairyland for the night. I thought,"OMG, YES...Of course I would come!" And these made-up fairies said,"Ok, we'll be waiting for you out of the window and don't worry about flying because we have a special flying dust powder thing that will allow you to come with us."

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So I was going to open the window and essentially, 'fly' out and go to Fairyland..and jump towards my doom. Luckily, my nine year old self was absolutely PETRIFIED of the dark. All I had to do was walk an inch from my bed to get to the window but I couldn't do it. So my extreme fear of the darkness saved me from death. Because it never crossed my mind that if I were to fall out, I would die.

Also I felt really upset because I thought I had upset the fairies and because I missed out on my dream to go to Fairyland.

5) Jaundice & A Box Of Light

Going on to something a little less scary, when my mum gave birth to me..I had the case of...Jaundice. It was very common for newborns and for me, it wasn't serious but I did have quite a lot of it.

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Jaundice is the yellowing of the skin and the whitening in your eyes. The cause of it is high bilirubin levels.

But anyway, I needed light and so the doctor's solution was to put me into a box with mirrors on every side with light shining from the bottom. I stayed in there for hours and by the end of it.. I was quite sunburnt and well, I'm pretty sure you can imagine a sunburnt baby. :)

6) Drowning In Camp

It was the beginning of High School and it was the time for making new friends and most of the Year 7's had signed up for the camping trip. I agree that it was a ton of fun and I really enjoyed those three days. We built our own shelters, a few dared to eat fish eyes, climbing trees and all sorts.

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There was one activity and that was swimming in a freezing lake. I could swim and didn't need a life jacket. He told us to step in or to jump in. When it was my friend's turn to do it, she was scared to do it and wanted to crouch in..the instructor said not to do that. But because she was so scared, another girl and I held her hand...I was on her left and she was on her right. I was extremely light and when she was crouching and jumped in, the weight of the crouching combined with my lightweight, pushed me deep into the freezing lake. I couldn't see where I was and all I saw was teals and dirt.

It was a terrifying experience. The supervisor may have saved both of us, although, I must say... he really took his time!

7) House On Fire

Mmm..hmm...ANOTHER FIRE ONE! Some of our relatives had come to our house to just talk about boring stuff. And there were no other children for me to play with..I was about 8 and my brother was only a year old.

One of my aunts was making a chicken curry..and left it frying? on the hob. I was in the other room playing with my brother. All the adults- including the aunt who was SUPPOSED TO BE IN THE KITCHEN - were in the living room talking about whatever adults usually talk about. I'm not sure how long after but I went to fetch my mum to say I was hungry, when I saw on the way, that there was lots of smoke and I think something was burning in the kitchen.. The fire alarm was obviously not working and I RAN to tell everyone the situation. Everyone was in such a hurry to get out.

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As I was going out, I wanted to put on my shoes because my mum always says to put shoes on before getting out. However, this was an emergency and she said, "No!!" and I was upset when we got out because it hurt to walk on the gravel and stones.

Everyone was out but for some reason, the adults had this weird logic that the firemen need to save someone from the fire..for them to be able to come. So my dad and some other person went back into the kitchen that was on fire..and luckily the firemen came to save them before they got incinerated.

For once, I saved the day and didn't cause any problems..

8) Sewing Machines Hurt

My mother had finished doing some important sewing business and was packing away.

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As she was carrying this German sewing machine across the room, it slipped out of her hands a little as she was sweating. At this same moment, I was walking across to get a pencil from the other side of the room.

The sewing machine dropped on my head and there was a massive lump. It was entirely my fault because I decided to go under the sewing machine...like I said I was an extremely tiny and naughty child.

9) Pencil Stab

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I was moving a table, a relatively small one, and I was pushing it to the center of the room. I was 11 at the time. So I pushed the table and there was a pencil on it. Just an ordinary pencil.

Once I pushed the table too far.. I pulled it back and the pencil, rolled into my hand halfway, and then I pushed the table and the pencil poked the palm of my hand. It made a hole and the lead was missing. I looked on the floor, I tried to look for it in my palm...but I couldn't find it and still have no idea where it is to this very day.

10) Car Down The Hill

Last one!! So my mother, she was parking the car up the side of a small hill and my brother and I were sitting in the back whilst my mum was going to get her jacket out of the boot of the car...as she walked out, the handbrake/emergency brake wasn't put up...and my mum was trying to push the car whilst her children were screaming at the top of our voices inside...we probably didn't help that much. There was hardly anyone there to help us.

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It wasn't as glamorous as this...

A few minutes later a high-school student, about 15 years old showed up and my mum says, "Can you help by putting the handbrake up whilst I push the car."
He replied saying, "I have no idea how to do that but I can push the car." And well yeah, there was no car crash and...he walked off, we didn't die and everything was fine. e saved our lives merely by pushing a car.

Thank you to whoever this boy was for saving us. I know you'll probably never find this, but you deserve some gratitude for what you did.

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