Hello person reading this!!!I hope your day was super super amazing and continue being this way!~
Today's issue,as you have probably understood, is problems that people wearing glasses go through every day~~
So,Let's begin our journey!!

1)Hot Drinks

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Imagine the situation:It is autumn/winter and you are in Starbucks or whatever cafe of your choice.You order a hot drink.It is served.You look at it,it looks at you.You decide to make the first move towards your enemy.However,before you realised it you have already lost the battle and your glasses have become like they went through a battlefield.Well,they went.You leave the drink and look at it again,hoping that it won't pull any tricks again.But you failed horribly.The situation continues until you yell desperate that you won't buy anything hot again...

2)Relaxing in your couch/bed

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You have returned from a tiring day and you want to relax,but then you remember that yet another enemy awaits you:your couch/bed.You think to yourself:it's the glasses or me.But no matter you either end up sitting like a normal human being because you are basically blind without your glasses or relax with your face looking like that of an alien...

3)Waking Up

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You are sleeping like a boss when the alarm decides to disturb you(or your mom,in my case).You open your eyes and think about the battle awaiting you.Everything in the room is your enemy.Everything.You desperately try not to get hurt but end up with a bunch of injuries here and there...And for what purpose?To get your pair of glasses...

4)The finger situation

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You are in a group of people and suddenly one of them notices you wear glasses. He/She takes your glasses,without permission and asks you the classical question:"How many are these?",meaning the number of his/her fingers of course.You get irritated because you cannot even see if he/she has any arm,let alone fingers.In case you do not have not much of a myopia,you still get irritated because it's not that you cannot see the number of fingers,it is just that they are a bit blunt.Honestly,some people...

5)Most people assuming that you are a nerd

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Just because I wear glasses,it does not mean that I am a nerd or smart.I could wear glasses and be the most stupid person on earth.I could wear glasses and doesn't like books.I could wear glasses and be a party animal.I could wear glasses and dress like a queen and not like a college student from the 80's....

6)Missing good things...sometimes

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You are sitting with your friends looking at the night sky when you finally decided to clean your glasses after one year and 125 days because you cannot see shit.That moment,yes that fated moment,a star falls and all your friends are like "OMG look!!" and you are like "Where all of you have gone?".The moment ends and all of your squad is like "You totally missed it",you ask "What?" and they say "Nothing".You return home wondering what you missed or if you just heard voices...

7)When your glasses break

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It was at this moment you realised...you fucked up...It was at this moment you realised that you should put all of your other senses at use...It was at this moment you realised that you should push your eyes to the limit just to see one word...It was at this moment you realised how useful your glasses were...Two options remain for you:1)You go to school/work and everywhere else with your broken glasses fixed like that of an old man's or 2)You have a person to guide you all the day...


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In case you are one of the lucky people having a boyfriend/girlfriend you know kissing is quite the obstacle to overcome,especially if both of you wear glasses.Several injuries for just one act of affection...Get a boyfriend/girlfriend,they said.It would be fun,they said...

9)The beach

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If you are willing to wear contact lens,you are good.If you decideto let go of your glasses,the sea is your sworn enemy for the summer.I mean you just go inside looking around and down like a crazy person so as not to get injured.When you finally find a good spot,you just sit there,immobile,seeing nothing.A mini-wave?People?What are these?You do not even realise they are there.If,on the other side,you do not want to let go of your precious glasses,you risk losing them in the big,blue monster called sea...

10)Having a zit in the spot where the glasses join together
I do not even have to describe the pain you feel when you do the classic move of fixing the spot of your glasses and have a zit in the upper nose.You cry,yell but nothing can fix it,if you do not get rid of that zit....
(You understand that I could not possibly have a picture here...)

11)Taking baths

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You keep your glasses,you get unable to see because of the steam.You do not keep them,the whole bathtub is your enemy.Shampoos,everything is an enemy.Your fingers are your enemy as well.You do not where they will go...

12)Other people taking your glasses and taking selfies

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Like this...You are like "Give my precious friend back" but they are like "But first let me take a selfie".Do these people even realise what are you going to do without your glasses?.Plus,let's not forget that moment when they say "How can you see with these?" and you are like "But that's why I wear them".Some people need to think before speaking...

13)Your hair and glasses

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This is literally one of the worst things about wearing glasses.You sit there comfortably,relaxing and you decide to clean your glasses...or someone takes them by force...(honestly,this should be a crime) and your f*cking hair is tangled with your glasses.What do you do?You patiently,untagle your hair or rip it off because you are an impatient potato?I guess the second...


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Sunglasses are on a whole other level of difficulty.You have 4 options:

  • Leave your glasses as they are and put the sunglasses above them,
  • Spend your whole savings in sunglasses that match your level of blindness,
  • Install these brown glasses on your glasses and lift them up when you are not the sun and look like an old lady and
  • Go under the sun with your glasses and completely lose your eyesight.

PS,Do not forget the 3D movies,pal!!


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If you are an athletic person,unlike me,you know the pain of glasses and sports.Whether you wear glasses especially designed for your situation or play with your regular glasses and risk breaking them.Your choice.And,of course,do not forget all this sweat and your glasses going up and down like boobs...

16)Lifting up your glasses like a human being

Your glasses have reached your mouth and then you decide to pick them up.But do you use your fingers?Nooo man,you choose art over anything else and make faces that could kill.Now,think another situation.For some reason,your glasses have fell on the ground.Do you use your hands to lift them up?Of course,not.Do not be deceived,when you can use your legs and every other part of your body...

17)Losing your glasses

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If you wear glasse nearly all your life like me,you might have 1 or 2 pairs in store in case of emergency.Emergency is,also, considered losing your glasses right?You began searching with another pair.People ask you "What are you looking for?" and even "Wow,cool glasses!".You stand there wandering.Okay,if you think about it,it kind of humiliating but what can you do?
Of course,there is the option of falling into the ground in all fours looking and touching and/or meeting your house better by showing it movements of affection and love(if you are in your home).


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Do you like these?Nah,nah,do not touch them.These are not for us.Honestly,make up,even though I rarely wear it,is quite the obstacle.You want to enhance your natural beauty and end up looking like a tornado passed through your face.However,do not forget that there is the option of a friend helping you...But he/she ain't gonna be forever there,doing the make up for you.What are you going to do then?
Honestly,beauty companies,you only think about people without glasses and we,the poor and innocent creatures who happened to have a little bit of shitty eyesight are completely neglected...

19)The Oh!You are a different person without glasses!

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I think that the picture explains it all...

20)When the material ain't right

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OMG,that has happened countless times...Why bother using the special cloth when you wear your shirt?But then the shirt is upset with you using it and gets revenge by changing material.What do you do?Change shirt?Noo,you have a pride to maintain.So,what is a possibe solution?Of course,leave your glasses with all the fingertips and remains from rain..Duh..


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Do I really have to explain the struggle of the rain?I mean,you end up not using that umbrella after all....

Can you relate?