I ask to the guy I love, how does it feel, to be loved but choosing not to love that person back? how does it feel, being loved while you love someone else? how does it feel to be kissed by the person that loves you when you don't? how does it feel, kissing me, when in the back of your mind you hope you're kissing her? do you how it feels when you say good night to me when all night long you dream of her?

Do you fucking know what that fucking feels like?

of course you do, because like you chose not to love me, she chose not to love you either.

and here we are, i love you, while you love her and she loves somebody else...
i get my heart broken by you, you get it by her, while she is feeling loved both sides!! by you and by him!

honey, even though you love her when she doesn't but still choose her over me, I pray to god it hurts less to you than it hurts me! because even though you chose her, i still choose you! even though it hurts my chest like the fucking hell!!