Hello there!

So here is some questions that l will answer about me, here it goes.

1) What's your name ?
My name is Lara.

2) Where are you from ?
I am from Slovenia.

3) How long have you been on WHI ?
Quite a long time 6 years but i have changed some accounts.

4) What kind of music do you like the most ?
Pop, indie, rap, rock... I love it all.

5) Can you discribe yourself in 5 words ?
~ I am really shy around people that don´t really know me but when they do they think i am a bit crazy
~ I love to draw
~ I am bisexual
~ I got into astrology some years ago
~ I love hugs and getting all cozy

Well, that's all for these questions, I hope you liked this article ! Thank you to everyone who read it, I appreciate it !

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