Hi lovies,

I saw a lot of people posting their favorite songs. And I thought why not? I think it's inspirational to share or favorite songs. So let's start!

☆ Wild Thoughts - DJ Khaled, Rihanna, Bryson Tiller: Okay but this song is so catchy and I love it. The beginning gets me every time. I'm trying to ignore the lyrics lol, but the beat is so so so good!

☆ That's My Girl - Fifth Harmony: Talk about feminism! Love this song, love the lyrics, the meaning and the beat. It gives me so much power and it makes you feel like a badass.

☆ Really? Yeah! - Kyle: Just when I'm typing this, this song actually comes on. Talk about coincidence! The video clip, the beat, the funny lyrics, everthing is on fire with this song. And Kyle having so much fun by making this song makes it even more better. Kinda 80's/90's vibe.

☆ Real Deal- Jessie J: A lot of hate on this song, but I like it. It's a very relaxing song, with a nice vibe. Her voice suits this song so well. Again a nice beat and very different from all the pop songs of this year.

☆ Someone That You Love - Jarreau Vandal, Olivia Nelson: The best party song for beachy themes, don't fight me on this. The lyrics is so good, the voice is attractive and it makes you wanna dance. The chorus is my favorite part and I love the effects to this song.

So this was it. Maybe another part in September.
Kisses, Michelle