I'm Dutch. So yeah, I come from that small country called The Netherlands and that's why my English isn't perfect :) But I thought, maybe it's fun to teach you some Dutch words :) Some people say Dutch is one of the easiest languages to learn if you're English, so I'm curious if that's true :) Have fun!

Some basics
Hello! - Hallo!
How are you? - Hoe gaat het?
I'm fine - Met mij gaat het goed
Where are you from? - Waar kom jij vandaan?
I'm from (country) - Ik kom uit (country)
What's your name? - Wat is jouw naam?
My name is... - Mijn naam is...

Some animals
Dog - Hond
Cat - Kat
Rabbit - Konijn
Bird - Vogel
Cow - Koe
Horse - Paard
Donkey - Ezel
Lion - Leeuw
Tiger - Tijger
Elephant - Olifant

Some fruits
Apple - Appel
Banana - Banaan
Melon - Meloen
Peach - Perzik
Grapes - Druiven
Pear - Peer
Strawberry - Aardbei

Some countries/continents
Europe - Europa
North-America - Noord-Amerika
South-Amerika - Zuid-Amerika
Africa - Afrika
Asia - Azië
Oceania - Oceanië
The Netherlands/Holland - Nederland/Holland
America - Amerika
England - Engeland
China - China
Canada - Canada
Spain - Spanje
Italy - Italië
Brazil - Brazilië
Australia - Australië

I hope you enjoyed this mini lesson Dutch! Have fun hearting!