I know school is starting, nature getting boring and days getting colder... You think that it is really depressing thing...

But, NO! İt is fun. You can wear your favorite sweatshirt, getting yourself a coffe or tea. You can watch how snow or rain falling down you can cuddle in your warm bed. You know what? Winter is peacfull. So enjoy it.
Also we as a girls somethings to do for looking good.

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1) Moisturizer Don't forget to use moisturizer often. Your skin can dry easily at winter or autumn. If you can found your favorite moisturizer with good smell, you''ll like it.
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2)Hats And Scarfs I think hats and scarfs most beautiful accessories ever for winter and autumn. They will protect you from cold and they look beautiful.
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3) Warm Drinks It's cold and everybody want to warm up. So you can find yourself your favorite drink(and healthy). I know you think ı am talking about coffee. But sorry coffee is not healty drink. You shouldn't drink it more than a once a day. It's harm for your theeth. You can try some tea with flavored. Like white tea or green tea. They will make your skin glow as hell.
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4)WATER!!! I know you already heard that more than million time. But please drink water. You'' ll see the changed. Your skin, your weight, your metobolism... What does autumn have to do with? Days getting colder and we do not realise how much we thirsty. It is just a little reminder for you.
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