Hey WHI people,this is my firist article,about something that i realy like.

The Vampire Diaries are my favorite TV-show,from the beginig i was obsessed with. The actors was great and the stor was perfect. And it still is.
So here`s my favorites ships...


Stefan and Elena are dopplegangers and their love was epic. He was the good one,but he had his bad moments,and she stay wih him through all of that,and the become better thanks to her. So yeah,i ship Stelena.


Omg, why i love Klaus so much? Because i feel kind of the same whay... He is lonley and all that he realy want is somebody to love him and be loyal to him. People continue to disappoint him. He is a psycho,and i love that psycho look in his eyes.

And there is Caroline. Pretty blode girl who hate him. But we all now that all great love story started with hate. Their love story isn`t started yet. They haved beautiful moments together and love scens,pretty words and all of that. But i realy bealive that they will have an epic love story in season 5 in The Originals.

The vampire diarise makes me happy,sad,angy,mad in same time. But that will stay my favorite series forever