hi guys!❤,

so this is my first article ever! and i'm really excited. sadly its the time of the year again that school starts and the summer is getting to his end. Next season: autumn.
so i decited to write a article about the trends of the upcoming autumn!

lets start!😄

1. darkred leather.

fashion, jacket, and style image
this item is seen a lot now on the catwalk and i have to say, it looks amazing!

2.jeans and denim.

gucci, fashion, and style image fashion, jeans, and style image
now we can´t say that we haven´t seen this items in the last season but denim is very populair and it also will be in the next season.

3.the color grey.

fashion, style, and sweater image fashion, style, and outfit image
grey isn´t only a hot item for the autumn it´s also one of the fashioncolors this season! defently a stealer.

4.long skirts and dresses.

kfashion, long skirt, and top image dress, fashion, and heels image
the length is like round the ankels or below the knee this season.


blue, look, and street style image velvet, diderosa, and velvetclothes image
it´s not only feeling nice but it also gives you a luxury look!

6.pants with bloks. (i´m not sure if i said that right....😂)

black, clothing, and fashion image
this item comes always back in this season. so you good to go.

7.big jackets.

coats, jacket, and oversize image bare, blog, and coat image
yep, big jackets it becoming a thing. i couldn´t find a better picture on WHI, this ones are very similair to it.

8.white and baby pink.

Image removed Image by stayyygolden pink, clothes, and aesthetic image
i have to admit that i think that white it´s more like a summer color then a autumn color. But it is on the list!

9.wide sleeves.

blush, drape dress, and comfortable image alexander, black, and brand image
personly i don´t really like wide sleeves but it looks great!

10.last but not least, wide belts.

black, fashion, and waist belt image fashion jewelry, bridesmaid jewelry, and black belt image
it´s defently an eye catcher that´s for sure haha.

well we became to the end of this article and i hope you guys like it! if you have some tips or anything, pls send me a message and i will look at it. i hope i see you in my next article!😄