I feel helpless
Living in a world of haters
Bound to see the tears of loved ones
Bound to hear their cries of distress
I know I should answer their calls
I know I should help redeem their souls
But what can a broken soul do
With knives sliding through
Every last bit of its existence

I feel their agony as it tears them apart
I can almost see it swelling inside their hearts
So I opt for a stronger act
Hope for a better self
And go to the other side
Knowing there's no place for me to hide
I plaster a smile across my face
Lift my chin and quicken my pace
Believing in myself to play my part

My tears are blurring my vision
By the time I reach my long lost companions
I pay no further interest
In the ambiguous fate that awaits us
At the end of our journey
That will cease our pain
And release us from these chains
That marred our bodies forever
But made us become who we are today.
-by Anfel Abdelmoumene.