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Dear Beautiful You,

Please, don't be afraid, girl!

I know what it feels like to be paralysed by the circumstances of your life. I felt it too: all the anxiety of the world tried to bring me down. I was too afraid to be in a store, I was too afraid to be seen and known by others. I felt the fear of judgement. I felt the fear of never being good enough. But, please, listen to me when I tell you it can change with one big decision!

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Fearless rule n. 1: Stop caring about what other people are thinking about you

Stop it RIGHT NOW! It's such a waste of time! It's not possible to be liked and loved by all the people you know. Think about someone you admire and start to realise not everyone shares the same opinion about this person with you. And that's okay!
The same goes for the fact not all the people you know will like you. Let it go. Search for people who DO know how amazing you are!
Leave the others behind!

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Fearless rule n.2: Know who you are!

Write it down! Grab a paper and write down who you are and what makes you special. Write down where you're good at. Write down what your talents are. If you have no idea, ask everyone who loves you these questions and write them down. Give this peace of paper a great place on your mirror, in your room or wherever you will see it daily.

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Fearless rule n.3 Know it's okay to make mistakes

Start to love yourself. Know that it's okay to make faults. It's human, you know? :)

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Fearless rule n.4 Stop worrying and start praying.

I don't know what you believe in. I don't know if you've ever known it. I didn't know somedays, because I felt so many fears. How could there be a God when I felt so hopeless and full of anxiety?

But, one day, God told me "if you don't want to live for yourself, then live for Me." I had no idea where He was talking about. I started talking to God when I had a hard time. Like the frase below, He slowly, painfully and devinely pieced me back together.

You know what? Maybe it sounds crazy to you, but at first it did to me. But I became at a point where I didn't know what else to do, so I prayed. Every time I prayed, I felt a bit better and a bit stronger.

So, I would recommend to do the same :) Just try! You can do it! No one is to stupid or to far behind for God! Jesus died for your sins too on the cross. If He had to die again, just for you, He would do it, because He loves you so much! He wants to set you free. He wants to free your mind. He wants to fill your thoughts with faith again. Faith in Him. Faith in yourself.

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Feel free to send me a message or a question about God!

God bless!