When it comes to love, we tend to get stuck in the same spot forever keeping us self there, with senses, stories, messages, stuff like that, but most of all with songs reminding us of old good times or describing the heartbreak we're going through.

It's awful, and I'm more guilty of this than anybody else. But no matter what, it doesn't help us move forward.

"The term "trying to forget someone" is, is so awful because you'll never forget someone if you're trying to"
- Taylor Swift, Berlin, February 2nd 2014

We have to let go of the sad songs and the memories, as hard as it will be, it's the only way to get over someone. There will be periods in our lives, where we will use every distraction there is, but this will be easier with time.

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As much as I hate admitting in, time heals almost everything, especially a broken heart. So what we have to do is let go, not of the person, but of the sad songs, then we finally be able to let go of the person.

So here's to songs about dancing with your friends until your feet hurts and the night turns to day, because that is exactly what we all need.
xoxo G