Hello everyone! In this article i'd like to show you some of my fave movies of all time whose are, in my opinion, the best for different seasons.

On the start, i'd like to sorry for my bad english but i don't usually speak that language. I hope you will fully understand everything 😂.

Let's start with Spring! Spring is that season when nature and all green landscapes start to live their own life and expose their beauty. The birds are singing, flowers are growing and all this stuff.

1. Zootopia.

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Beaufiful scenery, cute animals and interesting story + it's Disney movie, so what do we want more?

2. Alice In The Wonderland (2010)

alice in wonderland, johnny depp, and mad hatter image
Really fascinating live-action version of classic Disney's movie with same title.

3. Rise of the Guardians

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It can be also winter movie but i prefer it more in spring 'cause you know: Spring= Easter and there is much of Easter Bunny.


Let's head up to summer guys! We all love summer, for sunsets, palms, beach and many pretty things else. Below are some of my suggestions of movies for summer evenings with friends.

1. Grown Ups

Image by Spazzy McGhee
"After their high school basketball coach passes away, five good friends and former teammates reunite for a Fourth of July holiday weekend" Its one of my favourite comedy movies. It has all: good humor, friendship, sunny landscapes and aquaparks.

2. Aquamarine

gif, mermaid, and aquamarine image
Absolutely must watch movie for mermaid lovers.

3. Jurrasic World (2015)

jurrasic world image
Dinosaur themed movie with handsome Nick Robinson in the main role! damn

4 Fall

Fall aka my favourite season for years. Warm blankets, hot cocoa and good book or movie are the best. No lie. This is also good time to watch some spooky stuff, 'cause hey Halloween is just around the corner.

1. Harry Potter

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I watch this one exactly every year (and not only, potterhead here)
You can feel magic of friendship, pumkin juice, spells and who doesn't want to see Hermione saying 'LeviOOsa, not LeviosAHH' .

2. Hotel Transilvania

hotel, transilvania, and selenagomez image

*Bleh, Bleh Bleh*

3. Beauty and the Beast (1991)

love, belle, and disney image
Breathtaking and beautiful Disney classic, i cry everytime when i see it. It just can't be described by words. Best movie to watch on rainy day with cup of tea. (and pack of tissues)

And finally winter!

Honestly, you can't do many on this season. Its cold outside and wearing five layers of clothing is little distracting. You, of course can do sports like ice skating or skiing but if you prefer staying home with pair of thick socks, there are some movies for you.

1. Frozen

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Touching movie about sisterly love and controlling feelings with little bit of magic. When you are ice queen it don't come so easy don't it? With this movie in hand, the cold will never bother you anyway

2. The Santa Clause

christmas, christmas tree, and holiday image
There comes winter, so there comes Christmas! One of my absolute favs Christmas movies.

3. New Year's Eve

zac efron, kiss, and Hot image
Climatic movie about love and friendship, quite funny and nice.

So we're coming to the end of my movie list, I hope you enjoyed it and found some suggestions that are best for you! :) Have a good day today, love you xx