Hi! I don't know if people actually care but I'd like to introduce myself.
I have a lot to tell you, that's why I'm doing it in different parts. So here goes part one... Oh and English isn't my native language so excuse me if I'm using it wrong. I'm trying!

First of all...

I was born in Brussels, Belgium on the 8th of January 1999
Brussels is the capital of Belgium
(yes, it's the city with those delicious waffles!)

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Then my mother decided to move, so now I'm living in this small city that nobody actually knows haha but I love it here and I have some amazing friends!


I'm 18 years old so in September I'm going to college. I will be studying speech therapy in Ghent. I'm a little bit nervous but I know it'll be a great experience.

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I also got my own small apartment in Ghent near the school because it's too far from home, a lot of students are doing this in Belgium. The apartment is still empty now but next week i'm gonna decorate it. I know.. I'll probably fail but I'm using some inspiration of my "home collection" to turn it into one of my dream apartments! I am really excited :D

In case you're getting bored of me, you're lucky. That's all for now. If you liked it, then I'd love to see you again in the next part!

xoxo Thalia