First of all, excuse me if I do some mistakes !

So my name is Fairouz, but you can just call me Fai (less difficult I guess), well I come from France and I'm 16 years old. I love talking with people so come !! I don't what I want to do in the future... But it's okay I will find. I love travelling, it's my life
Also I can't live without music, just impossible. For instance now I'm listening Halsey-Lie ft. Quavo (I found out it in an article). I think I have a good taste in music, so I will propably write articles about it...

Furthermore I like, no I love writing, but I want to say that the “time” isn't really my friend. Also I want changing the world, fighting against homophobia for instance. There are too many things wrong in the world and I want change it... For me women are equal to men, no more question.

Besides I don't have many friends, like REAL friends, just a lot of acquaintance, I'm very a open-minded person !