Like any other fairy tale, it started with a guy. Yet, unlike any other fairy tale, it ended with 'POOF'.

Pink elephant.

When you try not to think of a pink elephant you can only think of a pink elephant. Hence, when I try not to think of this guy, I try to think about a pink elephant.

Guys are so weird. One day he tells you he is practically in love with you, and the next day ... 'POOF'

So now I am done contemplating what I did wrong.
I just stopped thinking about him. Sort of.

Pink elephant.

I even watched these videos on YouTube to see if men like Metthew Hussey had any advice for a situation like this. A situation in which you have your first date all figured out and then he stopped messaging you. What guy plans a date with a girl and then stops texting? Not for one day, or even two. But four freaking days.

So tomorrow is our date, and today I finally messaged him on Whatsapp what we were planning on doing tomorrow. And even though we already planned on having dinner, I just wanted to remind him.

Five hours later and you know what he said?

That's right. Nothing.

Pink elephant.

Now you might think four things. First, what an asshole. Second, maybe he is just busy. Third, perhaps he is just not that into you. Four, get over it already.

Unfortunately, that is not how it works.

Hence, the pink elephant.

Unlike any other fairy tale,

It sucks.