The truth about love is that it is diverse. A romantic relationship is demanding of more than the expression of love. Therefore you need to understand it, thoroughly and completely.

To be in a romantic relationship is to offer your world to somebody else. Allow an intruder into your reality whether it be glossy and shiny on the surface but dark underneath it is what you offer. You ask somebody to accept you, your flaws, your appearance and everything above and beneath. They must understand your three am thoughts and be in awe of your heart, understanding of your fears, adoring of your quirks. It is not just you that they must learn to love, but the person in them that you inspire. That is the actual romance in the relationship.

The reason why it's so difficult to find HIM is because you haven't found LOVE yet. Your quirks, three am thoughts, fears, flaws, appearance, even the gloss above your darkness is alien to yourself. You can't ask somebody to love what they can not understand. And if you haven't been able to comprehend or even love yourself then you can't seek that from anybody else. You loose self worth and above all that you loose yourself and end up not noticing because you'd never found yourself to begin with. And when he comes along, he'll take advantage without realising. You'll be so dependant on the love he will give falsely and after he finds himself loathing of all that he should have adored, he'll walk away and you'll loose love twice... Don't wait on love, fall in love.

He will follow right after.

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