Summer is ending(yay) so I decided that it would be nice to share some of my favorite songs that I've been listening for the past 3 months.

  • Hard feelings/loveless-Lorde (actually you know what?listen to the whole album-Melodrama-It's amazing)
  • Group love-Lana del rey
  • Heartsigh-Purity Ring
  • Gahina-SUNMI
  • 1+1=0-SURAN
  • FRESH-Triple H
  • Babe-Hyuna
  • My boy-Billie eilish
  • Yellow fever-AKKOGORILLA
  • black-Lee Hyori
  • No problem-Chance the rapper
  • Shining-Beyoncé,DJ Khaled

And that concludes my ultimate summer playlist '17.I actually will recommend more songs in the future bc why not