its morning SO The Boy ask The Girl on a Date and this is the perfect day of the girl cause her crush ask her and she chhanges clothes and she waits The boy infront of her house The Boy arrives

Boy:wow u look beautiful...*he blushed*

Girl:t-thx*she smiled*

Boy:u ready to go?

Girl:yes lets go

they hold hands and walked to a restuarant ad they arrive and the boy opens the door for the girl and the boy goes in after the girl and the boy pulled the chair for the girl and the girl sits and the boy push a little and the boy sit and they talked about themselves and they finishes and they went out and they walked home to the girl house and they arrived

Girl:ii have the perfect day of my life

Boy:me too*he kissed the girl*

Girl:*she blushes*

(thx for the support and end of the part 3 i love youu)