Hey my beautiful people!
I´m back and cooler then ever or actually nah at all, but I am trying my best.
Today I wanted to talk about happiness. Really hard and extensive topic. It is really hard to talk about something that is not particular. For someone happiness can be million dolars, for other happiness can be a hug with best friend. We are all different, but one thing can´t be changed . We are all creators of our own happiness. We are the only ones, who can change tears, depression and sadness into smile, laugh and happiness. It is complicated sometimes, definitely, but every single time we fail or fall to pieces and then fight for what we want and love, we are stronger then we have ever been. It´s always worth it to rise from the bottom and get on the top. I know, that it´s soo hard, but I dare you to try it. You are stronger then your struggle or failure. Do not be scared of failure. It is actually not that bad as you think. It makes you stronger, instructed and motivated. It really teaches you a lot. So don´t be afraid. Fight for your goals! FIGHT FOR YOURSELF!
Thank you all for support and all your love, you guys are everything:) I had very bad period of my life, but now I am stronger then ever and happier then before soo I am ready to write fight for my goals! I hope you will be on this journey with me, bcs I really hope that we can all make this world so much better! TOGETHER♥
*also sorry for my english, I am from Slovakia lol