let's be real. most of us has had to deal with our hair being all over the place & looking all not cute. as for me, bad hair days were ALL of my days for about 3 years, except the ones when i decided to straighten it which just damaged my hair more.

so i got tired of it. and i changed my routine & hair products until something finally worked, giving me smooth and straight hair with no heat necessary. take a look at what i changed in 'taking care of my hair' routine. and who knows, maybe it'll help you too ?

1.don't wash your hair every day !

by doing that you're just beridding your hair of all the oils that it needs. i wash my hair 3 times a week the most & you should too !

2.use a chemical-free shampoo.

if you don't have any scalp problems (i do, that's why i can barely follow this rule as i also suffer from dandruff and have to purchase shampoos that treat that), you should definitely google some chemical-free shampoos. if anything chemicals only worsen your hair's condition, so look out for a chemical-free, paraben-free or at least sulfate-free shampoos !

3.use a conditioner with oils.

oils will smoothen your hair, but it needs to be hydrated as well, so see if the conditioner you're thinking of buying contains glycerin, shea butter etc. apply the conditioner focusing on the ends, then go up, but keep it away from your roots because it might make your hair get greasy easily.

4.use a hair mask every now and then.

i actually use a hair mask every time i wash my hair since i do wash it sometimes twice a week. the hair mask you're using should be hydrating & also containing glyceryn, silk proteins or keratin etc !

5.don't be afraid to switch up the products in your routine!

i found that my hair likes the best having me use first the hair mask and then a conditioner, since the conditioner is what helps my hair the most ! you can skip shampoo every now and then as well and simply condition it if you feel like it.

6.instead of using a towel to dry your hair after washing, use a cotton t shirt.

at first i didn't really see much change in this, but after some time when my hair got used to the shirt i noticed that the frizz definitely reduced slightly.


7.after drying about 30-40% of your hair, add oils to it.

A COMMENT ON A YOUTUBE VIDEO THAT SUGGESTED THIS BASICALLY SAVED ME SO MUCH STRESS. after i take off the shirt from my hair and let it dry for about 5-10min i take coconut oil (liquid) once dip all of my fingers in it and ran through my hair with them evenly, mostly focusing on my ends (and excluding the roots).

other alternatives for coconut oil are argan oil, extra virgin olive oil, pomegranate seed oil, castor oil ! there are also some oil based products, for example, serums that you can buy in drugstores, but i'm not a pro on them as coconut oil satisfies my hair & i like the idea of using a natural oil rather than a manifactured product (also it's a lot cheaper).

8.let your hair air dry.

i know it's hard to find the time to do it since it takes so damn long, but please consider this in your daily routine and your hair will thank you! plan your time so you can have some time to let it dry on it's own.

i hope these tips helped you as much as they helped me ! x
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