I had that feeling of not being able to breathe. It kind of felt like something was lying on my chest, something really heavy. Pushing air out of my lungs, it kept lying there. For a long time.
On other days it felt like this heavy something was stuck in my throat. Unable to breathe, I tried to swallow it anyway. But it didn´t work the way I wanted.

Those stones kept lying on my chest and sticking in my throat, making me feel a thousand times heavier. And there were days, where it felt like they would burry me underneath them, drowning in a sea of cold stones not able to find a way out.
I got used to it. And things have changed.

Now, it doesn´t happen too often anyway. But if it happens, I welcome the coolness oft he stones, giving me a break of reality, building borders between me and the garish life of emotions. I take them as a mask, as a welcome protection against unwanted feelings, trying to hurt me.