… why ur not outta ma head,
im feelin dizzy, im feelin scared
bein alone since endlessly,
on ma own it neva get easily,
i think its lucky,
but then its only misery
on ma emotional, not feelin blessed,
this feelin called love is somethin that should be arrested
it stays, you didnt stayed,
you shit i am certain,
the eyes chico i miss you,
kissin you, and even lovin you,
but u disgust me in a way
that i cant even explain
and then,
ma head is turning blue,
im always blue, and im not even feelin u,
while u out there crashing out some hoes,
feelin low, high and stayin cool on your own,
on your biz, on your street,
movin on like that dry cough
when u take codein just to feel ur doleful ego
frustrated and tough
unconsciousness, conscious
we always were a balance unbalanced
mistakes lead to glorifications,
the limbo is real bring me the placebo
u were just a love phase
and u a lesson that i took from evil,
wrong people showing that ma intuition is the leader
and let them back is my deal