Once I will leave the house.
Here so, time and for ever.
Once I will leave and I will come to college. I will get up early early in the morning, to drink off a cup of coffee and, having pulled favourite jeans, to hurry on the bus-stop. I will roll in the park, cramming abstracts and chewing chocolate cookies. I will complain that the city exhausts me, and there is catastrophically not enough time in general, but at heart I will love such day regimen. I will love this city. I will have new friends and at all new life. Everything will be in a different way. I will try to forget everything that was earlier, all bad moments, people who betrayed and I will be able to start everything anew. Once I will leave, and then, at last, life will begin real, full of a variety and acquaintances. It was necessary only to wait for this day.

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