These are a long loved recipe of mine I created when I decided to be try something new. To make this recipe I have tweaked a recipe handed down to me by my Gran-Ma.

This recipe will make roughly 10 cupcakes if you need more just double or triple the ingredients.

What you'll need:

Cupcake cases
Cupcake Baking Tray
Mixing Bowl
Measuring Scales
Whisk or wooden spoon
Oven (Preheated to 180c / 350f /Gas 4)
Cooling rack
Timer/ Phone

Dry ingredients:

60g Flour (Self-raising is usually best)
65g Rolled Oats (plain)
125g Caster Sugar
1 tsp Baking Powder
Wet Ingredients:

125g Butter
1 Free Range Egg (1 less than usual as we are adding more wet ingredients)
1 tsp Vanilla Extract (If you want to add more try not to add too much as it will change the texture of the mix.)
125g Frozen Raspberries (add more if you wish)
Optional: White Cooking Chocolate (You'll need enough for a drizzle)


First off, you want to measure out all of your ingredients and set up your cupcake tray with the cases and set them to the side.
Preheat your oven to 180c / 350f / Gas 4
In a bowl, mix together the Flour,
Cream together the butter and the sugar until it is pale and creamy.
Add the egg and mix it in, along with the vanilla extract.
Sift the flour into the bowl, add the oats and other dry ingredients and fold them into the mix using a wooden spoon. (Don't use an electric whisk here as mixing with a spoon adds air to the mixture, which creates fluffy cupcakes.)
Once the mixture is thoroughly mixed with no lumps of flour left, add the frozen raspberries and gently fold them into the mixture. (Try not to be too heavy handed here as the raspberries will break up into the mixture.)
Once this has been done and all your ingredients added, evenly put the mixture into the cupcake cases. Try to fill the cases to at least half full.
Bake in the centre of the oven for 16-20 minutes or until the top of the cupcake looks golden brown. After the tips have gone golden brown, use a metal skewer to put through the centre of the cupcake to see if it comes out clean. If the skewer has cupcake mix (not the raspberries) on it, place back into the oven and test again in 2-3 minutes.
Take the cupcakes out of the oven and put on a heatproof surface and let cool for 10 minutes before moving to a cooling rack. 
Optional Extra:

If you want to make your cupcakes a little more fancy you can melt down 1/2 bar of white cooking chocolate. Once it is melted use a spoon to drizzle the chocolate over the cupcakes. 

Drizzle tip: 

Place all of the cupcakes as close together as possible and drizzle the chocolate over all of them at the same time. Use a back and forth motion (kinda like karate kid painting the fence) to slowly drizzle all the cupcakes in white chocolates yumminess.

Final Step:

Serve and enjoy! 

Let me know if any of you try out this recipe! Show me what you've made! I'd love to be tagged in your pictures on Instagram and twitter (@unilifetravel) on both platforms.

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