A few short stories/poems i have written. They are in no particular order and have nohig to to with each other. Thank you in advance for reading.
- satune

When two of my oldest daughters
left for the city, my husband angered
and screamed until all
neighboring children went deaf.
After all, how can two girls possibly survive
living in a city without a husband
- a man to guide them. I tell him
they are smart girls. He does not listen.
Now 40 years later my husband is dead
and i am just skin and bones.
The rest of our children live in poverty
if at all but my eldest daughters
now crowned the merchant queens.
All i want Is to spit on my husbands face.

Twenty years ago i tried to hang myself
because my womb is barren.
Now i am glad for this rot.

My husband and i will starve
but it will not fall on a child.
It's like stars knew.
But - we aren’t allowed to stars anymore.
who will protect us? to whom will we pray?

I was never afraid of death.
In fact, a death maiden like
Me was looking forward to
It, like proper girls imagine
Their first kiss.
With time i realised i would
Never be able to return
Home. A thought of my
death became a lover
i would never get to visit.

I knew that intense love
Always leads to mourning
The two exist hand in hand
A metal chain bound sweetly
Over lover's necks - suffocating.

Perhaps we knew that,
Perhaps that was the reason
why we stood upon the threshold
Of each other's heart softly knocking
but never crossing it.

Maybe all of the love stories
end badly because nature
is a language of romance
And humans are earth's worst creation.
Maybe love is a punishment.

It would be nice to love, i think,
but i already know that instead
of butterflies there would be bats
In my chest, beating against the
ribcage pleading to be let out
along with my broken heart.
I would rather not have this.
Let my organs fill me up, be
An illusion that i'm not as empty
As i am.
Let them go and i will grow into
Something scarier--hunt or be