Hello my lovelies ♡ Since summer has started it will get really warm and will be the time to change your daily routines into the SUMMER’Y type!
I will be sharing my Night and Morning Routines to keep you in summer style!

So lets get Started!


Before going to bed, I make sure I had my light night snack 2 hours before sleeping. For night snacks, I prefer eating fruits such as watermelons as they are made of 90% of water and keeps you hydrated. You can also eat any other kind of fruit or have cereal, yoghurt something light that won't make you super full and tired.

I also like drinking green tea as it is good for your health, body and will keep you in great shape during the summer as it detoxifies some of the unwanted fats in your body. If you don't like hot drinks before night, you can drink a glass of milk or a glass of cold lemon & lime water as it also detoxifies some of the unwanted fats because it has acids. Just slice some lemon or lime and pop them into your glass of icy water!

When getting ready for bed, I like to wear a T-shirt night dress as I won't feel warm during the night. I wash my face with soap, brush my teeth and apply moisturising cream on to my face. I also like to apply vaseline around my cuticles and nail beds as it will keep them soft and hydrated and good looking & shiny!
I brush my hair fully and make sure I get rid of all knots and tie it up in a ponytail with a soft hair band to so I don't put too much force on my hair because if so it will get damaged and cause split ends.

Then I get on my bed and go on my phone for like half an hour to see what my friends have been up to and listen to music sometimes ♫

I always set up my alarm to 9:00 AM incase I don’t wake up early as I would like to make the most of my day! but sometimes I oversleep hehe 😊

And thats it for my Night Routine and now lets go to my Morning Routine⤵


After having our beauty sleep, we would be still to sleepy to get out of bed so make sure you keep a bottle of water next to your bed to drink once you wake up to get refreshed. First thing is to wash our face with soap to wake you up and brush your teeth.

Next step is the most essential, BREAKFAST. Make sure to have a big breakfast because then it will keep you full through out the day making you eat less during the day. For breakfast, I like having sometimes either a glass of fresh fruit juice or a cup of coffee. For food, I like having eggs, I like omelette with cheese and vegetables (tomatoes and peppers) and a side of vanilla yoghurt or black cherry yoghurt (my favourite 😍 and very ideal for summer time). I always make sure to have my 2 glasses of water before my breakfast of course or sometimes after hehe.

I get dressed, I always go with nice light coloured dresses and sometimes a short skirt with a T-Shirt. For shoes, I like wearing sandals with heels in the colour of pink, beige or dark brown.

For make–up, I wear light coloured eyeshadows such as pink, purple or beige and sometimes eyeliner followed by a lengthening mascara. For lips, I always wear lipstick or lipgloss. I can never go out without lipstick haha. I wear cherry coloured lipstick or lipgloss. I also always keep lip balm in my bag all the time incase they get dry.

For hair, I like them curly or wavy all the time. I never had my hair straight but I will give it a try sometimes. One thing is I never use heat on my hair. Not even a hair dryer! I like wearing my hair down or in an up-do such as a high bun. I like adding flowers or sometimes butterfly accessories on my hair.

Adding perfume is essential to give you that unique beautiful feeling!

And thats it for my SUMMER’s Night & Morning Routines!

I hope you enjoyed this and I hope it helped you
and gave you new ideas to add into your
daily routine!

♥Thank you very much for reading and I will see you next time!♥

Lariseca, xoxo