Ello, loves. I'm so surprised that my first article got like 130 hearts, thank you guys so much. I appreciate it a lot. I didn't think that it would get even like 20 hearts lol. Anyways, as I said I'm still gonna keep posting, even if no one likes them (much egoistic mandy). I just love writing and that's that.

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“Time is the longest distance between two places.”

― Tennessee Williams, The Glass Menagerie

What is time for you? Is it the sixty seconds in one minute or is it the time till you meet your loved ones? When does it matter and when does it not? How often do we look at the clock waiting for time to pass by until that moment comes that we've been waiting for the whole day? How do we tell when time has been wasted and when we have used it wisely? Or is there even a such way of telling it?

A lot of questions, I know. But I think, we all have noticed that when we wait for something or maybe on someone, time starts to pass ridiculously slowly. Sometimes, I wonder, is time even a real thing or have we humans just created it in our minds. Just something that helps to organize stuff, you know? And still, it does pass. Summer turns into autumn and autumn into winter, and then suddenly nature starts to wake up and it's spring again. And so on and on.
Some say the little things matter in life, some are convinced that it's the big things that matter. What would I say? I don't know. But what I do know is that I cherish time with my family, friends, even classmates. Unexpected meetings with old friends, seeing all your relatives on Christmas, that's what matters.
And time flies again. And after a while you remember laughing about something completely stupid with your classmates, you remember the smell that waves around you when you go into the kitchen and see your mum making dinner, you remember your granny telling you how beautiful you are, your boyfriend leaning down to kiss you, the big bear hug your best friend gave you when you came back from a trip. You remember the good times, the little moments, the cherishable ones.
I know that it probably was a lot to take in and if any of you made it to the end and read that all, I am grateful, really. Sometimes it might be a short article, sometimes it might turn into a bloody essay. I just hope that you enjoyed it and it made you think.

Have a great day, everyone.
Mandy xx

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