Hello guys♥
This is a list of things that makes me happy, I hope you like it

1. Coffee♥

I love the whole ritual around drinking coffee, whether brewing it myself or sitting in a coffee house with a nice hot cup and a book or a friend to catch up with.
Believe it or not, coffee helps me relax

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2 . Watch movies♥

Movie, to me, has always been something more than just pictures on a television screen. I have always had an emotional connection with movies.
“Movies allow you to escape into another person’s life and experience situations you wouldn’t normally experience.” –Thomas, Winchester

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3 . Go on long walks♥

For as long as I can remember, I have loved to walk and think of stories.I always love go outside and enjoy in the nature

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4 . Music♥

Music is definitely my life♥

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5 . Travel with friends♥

I am in love with traveling in general.Solo travel is great, but sometimes you just wish someone could be there to experience everything with you.
I hope one day I'll travel with someone of you.

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6 . Rain♥

Rain doesn’t exactly have the best reputation, but i'm in love with rainy days:)

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7 . Watch the sunset♥

Sunsets are one of my favorite sights in the world. Each time there’s a sunset I can’t help but run outside and watch it until the sun is completely gone and the sky goes dark.

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8 . Books♥

This is something special and the most beautiful for me♥ I love read books every day and my favourite is Harry Potter♥

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9 . Making someone smile♥

I love to make people happy and I'm positive person. What is more beautiful than seeing someone laughing because of you?

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10 . Shopping

Which girl doesn't like shopping?

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That's it for this article.
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Much love ♥

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