I always compare myself to others. There are so many beautiful girls with big eyes, a cute little nose and amazing lips. Girls with a stunning smile. While I'm just.... well, me. I'm nothing compared to them. At least, society tells me so.
I've always struggled with my look and with my body. Even when I was a little child I hated my body because I wasn't as thin as my best friend. I was six when I first wanted to change my diet. Absurd, right?
When I was about twelve or 13, my eating habit changed. it got worse. I gained so much weight and everything I could think of was just about losing weight as fast as I could to look a certain weight.
for the past few years I've struggled with losing weight and I'm still at the same point with the same weight. I've always wanted to look a certain weight to feel accepted and to feel loved from others that I forgot to learn how to love myself.
I mean, who are these people who think they can rule the world and say how we have to look like? Why do we feel bad about ourselves because we don't look as 'pretty' or 'skinny' as society expects from us?
Ok, maybe we don't have big eyes or big lips, maybe our nose isn't perfect, but that does not make us 'ugly'. we aren't just our looks. We present our inside. We may find ourselves 'ugly' when we look into the mirror, but that's not really us. We are what we say, we are what we like, what makes us happy. We look absolutely stunning when we're talking about something we love. We are gorgeous when our eyes sparkle or when we have little crinkles while smiling. And we have to learn that every imperfection makes us perfect and that we ARE beautiful.

My mom said to me that it's okay to have a bit more pounds on the hips and my brother asked: More pounds than what?
And this moment, it hit me. He was right. More pounds than what? Yeah, I have a curvy body, a have fat, I have a big tummy and thick legs and hell yeah, I've got a double chin when I laugh. But it is okay, because i am myself and that's good enough. I often still struggle with self confidence because everyone around me is skinny. Everyone on social media is skinny. Even many 'curvy' models are still at a normal weight or are even skinny just with big boobs and a booty. But that does not mean that I have to be skinny. That does not mean that anyone has to be skinny.
The truth is, everyone has struggles with their bodies. Even the ones who look 'perfect' from outside. And body-shaming others doesn't make us better in any way. It's finally time that we tell each other how amazing everyone is. We have to compliment each others more often.
And it's finally time that I start to love myself for who I am not hate myself for who I'm not. And you should start to love yourself too because there are a million reasons why.