Hi beautiful hearter. I hope you are having a nice day. I just want to try this writing an article thing (and I'm sorry if my english is not good enough for you, but I'm really doing this mostly for myself). Maybe this will become my new form of therapy.

I thought I could tell you something about myself. I'm 19 years old girl from Finland. I started figure skating when I was five and now I'm a coach. I'm also trying to learn love myself and survive from high school.

I moved on my own with my cat (yes, I'm a crazy cat lady) when I turned 17. I just love living by myself and keeping my home clean and pretty. I'm obsessed with plants and I have named all of my plants. I'm I sounding crazy?

I'm also pretty sure that I'm a mermaid, only without the tail. I love to travel and someday I hope I have seen the hole world. I love to party with my friends and dance on the dance floor. Even if I am a party girl with very load laugh, I enjoy also just being alone or with my family.

I spend way too much time for overthinking and I wear all black like everyday. I'm very deep person and I cry for almost every movie. You can see my favorite series on my "tv"-collection. I'm always listening music. My absolute favorite artist is Lana Del Rey (omg I just saw her this month) and my another "idol" is Marilyn Monroe.

If you are interested, follow me here and on instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lumituuli/.

xxx crybaby