Autumn is just around the corner, and as much as I am missing summer already, for the first time ever, I am actually excited for the fall. Exams are stressing me out and i'm looking forward to making revision and homework a little more cosy with a cup of comforting coffee and a warm jumper whilst settling down to work.
So here are 4 items i will be buying in preparation for the autumn and winter months:

A new jumper!
How can go into autumn without a nice new, cosy, cute jumper to snuggle up in for warmth and comfort? You can't! In addition to the warmth and comfort - is the fact that they are easy to wear...just chuck on a jumper some jeans and there you have a comfy and easy to put together outfit.

Some new tea and coffee!
Why not try out some new types of teas or coffees? There is no better time to discover a new favourite hot drink than autumn in preparation for the winter and especially with Christmas just around the corner.

A new mug!
What better way to try out new coffees and teas than with a new mug, ey? I love buying cute new mugs to add to my collection.

Just like jumpers and hot drinks, candles are another thing to look forward to when fall comes along, sit back and forget about all the stress of the day with a nicely scented candle.