Remember back in the days when we drew hearts with chalk on the streets infront of our homes, when we climbed trees without worrying that someone might get hurt, when the only thing we actually worried about was what Mom made for dinner? Yeah, I don't really either. Fifteen years later the world seems so different. Feels different, looks different, it even smells different. Everything changed the minute we had to become adults. I mean change is good, right? Makes the world move forward (or backwards because everyone makes the same mistake at least twice). But I wonder, how often do things have to change that it actually changes something?

We try to find out what we're passionate enough about to do exactly that for the rest of our lifes, while we already have to live that life right now. To be honest, it's exhausting. Thinking about things changing is frightening and exciting at the same time and that simply tires you out.
And I don't want to be completly stressed out at the beginning of my twenties, I want to live. Isn't life supposed to be worth living? Yes, I think it is. I'm sick of everything always changing it's ways around me, if I want to change something then I want to do it in my own pace and way. At the end of the day change is meant to make things better, right? To make life easier, to make it worth living. So if you want to change your life do it, just go for it! Don't let it frighten you or stress you out, let it make you happy.