august 31
5:17 AM

only doing this because that stupid little green notification wouldn't go away, plus i just wanna share some amazing music. well amazing to me at least 😊 some of these songs are old, some new.

+ rex orange county > best friend
+ rex orange county > sunflower
+ frank ocean > provider
+ tyler, the creator > glitter
+ tyler, the creator > november
+ rich chigga > glow like dat
+ steve lacy > ryd / dark red
+ lana del rey > summer bummer
+ aftertheparty > same conversation

✨ well that's all i can think of right now, but these are just SOME of my favorites. these are more for the A.M.s, well if you want them to be. man i probably forgot some good ones, i'ma be so mad later. whatever. gotta blast.

- $