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I wrote an article about my top 6 favorite movies and I really liked to do it ;


so this is a new one:)
As many people I like watching TV series, and as many people I do it a lot more than I should. So I wanted to share with you series I've watched which are in my opinion underrated. Maybe you know them, maybe not, I wish you will discover one or two!

1. This is us (2016 - present)

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2 seasons (3rd is coming) - 18 episodes - Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hljQfJLQmaI

This serie is about family, and this is really quite different from other series, it is maybe one of the most realistic tv shows. The cast is really interesting : Mandy Moore (who played in A walk to remember) and Milo Ventimiglia, (who played in Gilmore Girls or Heroes) just to name a few, they are the parents of three child.
We can follow their story from childhood around 1980's from their adulthood, and we keep going from present to past, randomly but always with sense, that's an original timeline!
What I love the most about this movie is the 80's 90's vibes, quite similar to Stranger Things. We become so close to this family that we feel like we are a part of it, and I promise you it will move you from laughter to tears in the most beautiful way.
If you're not sur to watch this serie, just watch the 1st episode I guess it will make up your mind, one of the best pilot in my opinion

2. Black Sails (2014 - 2017)

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4 seasons - 8episodes (1st season) then 10 episodes/season - Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pvxpv_fycl8

This series has a good storyline. It relates stories of piracy, from season 1 to season 4 it gets better and better, with sense, like in Game Of Thrones or The Walking Dead. The story has a good beginning and a good end (one of the best end of series I've seen) and each end of season is great. This show has also a good cast, like Zach McGowan (Shameless, The 100) to name one.

3. Travelers (2016 - present)

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2 seasons (3rd is coming) - 12 episodes - Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=99LZwZmSoNo&t=0s

So this serie is a netflix serie about time travel, people from the futur travel to the present through people's mind. First I had my doubts but I wasn't disappointed, this serie has something special, I guess this comes from the story obviously but also from the cast, which we get very close to. I remember feeling really well watching this series, it's easy to watch and it's perfect to spend a good time!

4. The Night Of (2016)

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1 season - 8 episodes Trailer : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=556N5vojtp0

The Night Of is mostly based on suspens. A man named Naz is accused of murder, which he doesn't remember having commited it. A lawyer believed in his innocence and try to help him. This serie can be seen as a criticism of the judicial system.
Which is really impressive in The Night Of is the acting of the amazing John Turturro (the lawyer), and of the principal actor Riz Ahmed (Naz). Everything in this show makes you feel like Naz feels, you can understand his pressure and what he is going through. This is a real masterpiece!

5. Limitless (2015-2016)

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1 season - 22 episodes Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SS5SPPwrcT8

The sequel TV series to the 2011 Bradley Cooper science fiction film of the same name. A man, being immuned to the side effects of a drug which developps brain capacities is employed to work with the FBI. I remember being so happy watching this, because everything is about humour, the filming is good and really original sometimes. If you are looking for a series which will make you happy, laughing, but which is serious at the same time, this is the one!

There are so much more great shows underrated like 12 Monkeys, Eyewitness, Quantico, Scorpion, Sense 8... And on the picture is One Tree Hill, one of my favorite tv shows, didn't put it in that list because it's not really underrated

Well I hope you liked that list, if you read it this please let me know by a little ♥ on this article, or a message/postcard about your favorite series, if you discovered a good series on that list, it will be my pleasure!

Thanks for reading, have a good day!

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