Hello Hearters! I have compiled a list of the most Instagrammed foods of 2017. Please feel free to tell me what your top Instagram-worthy food is!

1. Coffee

coffee, nails, and food image

2. Wine

drink, wine, and marble image

3. Pizza

pizza, food, and yummy image

4. Ice Cream

ice cream, food, and summer image

5. Sushi

food, sushi, and delicious image

6. Acai Bowls

fruit, food, and healthy image

7. Salads

food, salad, and healthy image

8. Strawberries

strawberry, food, and fruit image

9. Burgers

food, burger, and hamburger image

10. Avocados

food, avocado, and healthy image

11. Macaroons

food and macaroons image

12. Donuts

donuts, food, and chocolate image

13. Juice

juice, drink, and food image

14. Rainbow Bagels

bagel and rainbow image

15. Milkshakes

drink, chocolate, and food image

16. Chicken

Chicken, chilli, and garlic image

17. Tacos

food, tacos, and delicious image

18. Chips

food, chips, and fries image

19. Seafood

Temporarily removed

20. Sandwiches

food, sandwich, and cheese image

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