Today is my last day at my office.

I already work there tree years ago for tree years. And this years I worked again for just one month for university internship.
It was like, turning back too my origine, because it was my first job and I remember all the people I work with, all the people I meet and interact with.
It's like going to an old family reception there are some you knew you did miss them and other you realise that when you see them.
Today is my last day at my office and I'm feeling like I'm living a part of my life.
I'm so thankful of what they teach to me and all the time they gave to me.

Those people kind of made a part of what I am today and I am pround of that.
What I've learned about this experience is that :
It's not because you live a place you love that this place will be cancelled of you're life. Today I realize that this place, those people, create something on me that will never live me. And that is the more importante thing.