What if every time you look away he's looking at you? What if the moment you decide to give up is the moment he decides to try? What if the chance you didn't took was one of the bests?
I bet you never thought about it. But now you do and you might or might not regret. The point is... You should risk a bit in this life, is the only one you have and every moment that passes is forever gone. Don't waste your whole life in your comfort zone 'cuz you'll never know what's outside your little box. You might like it, love it, even hate it, but at the end you can say that you tried. YOU TRIED... once you do that you won't wait for the doors to open, you will open them. Its true that now you will see the ones that are closing, but at least you tried to open them.
What if ... at least now, even for just a second, think about all those doors, and more than that... who's waiting behind them.